Francesco Tudisco

Associate Professor (Reader) in Machine Learning

School of Mathematics, The University of Edinburgh
The Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences
School of Mathematics, Gran Sasso Science Institute JCMB, King’s Buildings, Edinburgh EH93FD UK
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Contractivity of neural ODEs: an eigenvalue optimization problem

Nicola Guglielmi, Arturo De Marinis, Anton Savostianov, Francesco Tudisco,
preprint, (2024)


We propose a novel methodology to solve a key eigenvalue optimization problem which arises in the contractivity analysis of neural ODEs. When looking at contractivity properties of a one layer weight-tied neural ODE $\dot{u}(t)=σ(Au(t)+b)$ (with $u,b \in {\mathbb R}^n$, $A$ is a given $n \times n$ matrix, $σ: {\mathbb R} \to {\mathbb R}^+$ denotes an activation function and for a vector $z \in {\mathbb R}^n$, $σ(z) \in {\mathbb R}^n$ has to be interpreted entry-wise), we are led to study the logarithmic norm of a set of products of type $D A$, where $D$ is a diagonal matrix such that ${\mathrm{diag}}(D) \in σ'({\mathbb R}^n)$. Specifically, given a real number $c$ (usually $c=0$), the problem consists in finding the largest positive interval $χ\subseteq \mathbb [0,\infty)$ such that the logarithmic norm $μ(DA) \le c$ for all diagonal matrices $D$ with $D_{ii}\in χ$. We propose a two-level nested methodology: an inner level where, for a given $χ$, we compute an optimizer $D^\star(χ)$ by a gradient system approach, and an outer level where we tune $χ$ so that the value $c$ is reached by $μ(D^\star(χ)A)$. We extend the proposed two-level approach to the general multilayer, and possibly time-dependent, case $\dot{u}(t) = σ( A_k(t) \ldots σ( A_{1}(t) u(t) + b_{1}(t) ) \ldots + b_{k}(t) )$ and we propose several numerical examples to illustrate its behaviour, including its stabilizing performance on a one-layer neural ODE applied to the classification of the MNIST handwritten digits dataset.

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  title={Contractivity of neural ODEs: an eigenvalue optimization problem},
  author={Guglielmi, Nicola and  De Marinis, Arturo and Savostianov, Anton and Tudisco, Francesco},

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Keywords: neural ode deep learning neural networks adversarial attacks nonlinear eigenvalues eigenvalue optimization